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A little bit about Me  There are great coaches all over the world, but few who have done the work as a vocation, had the clinical experience with people from different cultures in countries all over the world, and who have applied it in their own lives. I’ve wanted to move in this direction for many years, but I had to walk the walk first.  I had to take everything I’d learnt, synthesize it and embody it in myself. Now, here I am. Ready to share it with you. Ready to help you add color and femininity back into your life, and reignite the spark. Ready to save you years of precious time - the one thing you can never get back. My name is Paloma (yes, like the Dove), but my friends call me “Moma”. I graduated as a psychologist and got my masters in Couples & Sex Therapy. I’ve spent the better part of a decade helping women around the world better their sexual, emotional, professional and spiritual lives. Now I want to help you.

Feminine Embodiment Practices