Feminine Embodiment Practices

Are you sick and tired of feeling in control all the time? ... like you lost all touch with your feminine soft side?

The world has changed & so have our problems!

A couple hundred years ago, it may have made sense to live entirely in your feminine, take care of the kids and look after the house.

But in today’s world, women are doing it all. They’ve taken up the mantle at work, they are raising children, tending to the home, trying to take care of their health, their friends, their relationship, their own mental health, personal development - and they feel guilty if they’re not perfect at all of them!

This pressure often places women in a position where success, especially in business or their career, has meant tapping into their masculine, on a consistent basis.

This is all fine and well, but decisions come with a cost.

That cost may be your sex life, your level of personal fulfilment, your health, the relationship with your man, your children, your peers and your girlfriends.

  • You might have found that your entire life has become work and success.
  • You may even enjoy the workplace more than you enjoy coming home or going out for a ladies night.
  • You may, heaven forbid, no longer even look forward to having those intimate moments with your lover, which you lusted for so much when you were younger.

What’s worse is that you’ve probably even tried some sort of “feminine embodiment” course, or read a book about it, but in the end felt like you’d have to trade who you’ve become today for an unknown version of yourself in the future. 

You’re probably afraid that if you give up these masculine attributes, you’ll become some an outdated 50’s housewife that isn’t true to who you are

Trust me I know.

I’ve not only been there myself, but I’ve worked with hundreds of women from around the world in both my clinical and coaching practices. 

But there IS still a solution!

Cultivating one part of you does not necessarily mean you have to give up another part of you.

In fact, what makes you as a woman so special, is that YOU are multi-faceted.

  • You have a center of energetic gravity, which you must come to sense more deeply, and 
  • You also have the capacity to switch on and off the various colors of your persona in such a way that you can both conquer your career AND flourish in your feminine.

I’ve done this in my own life.

I was the classic early 20yr old who got her Psychology Degree, after a long, arduous period of study. I graduated, and then went to work in a high position in the Government. I was making great money, I bought a car, an apartment (both rare in the very poor country I grew up in) but slowly by slowly, I lost my sense of self. 

By my mid 20s, I had all the material comforts, but I was deeply unhappy. I felt something was off.

2 relationships and some significant life circumstances helped change the course of my life and taught me lessons that I will impart on you.

Today, I am happily married, have been traveling the world, I run an online practice which helps women from around the world unlock their deeper potential and I am my most feminine, healthy and glowing self.

It all starts with Nurturing your Feminine Energy

Even though you have the ability to switch from your masculine to feminine, a lot of women struggle to actually DO it effectively, leaving them in sexless marriages and at a loss on how to fix it. 

The conditions of our lives and the world around us force us to adapt, maneuver, react and in the process, we lose ourselves.

We begin to wear mask upon mask upon mask upon mask. We learn habits which might be useful in the short term, but detrimental to our mental and emotional health in the long term. 

These ones are especially hard to pin down and require a lot of courage, honesty and help to move on from. We are conditioned by society to behave in a certain way, and we are filled with shame about the desires we bury deep within us.

All of this confuses and distances us from our essence.

In this workshop we’re gonna get practical, I’ll be teaching you exercises and rituals for your daily life and give you the tools to embody your feminine.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Feel DESIRED by your partner
  2. Feel a desire to have incredible sex again (and more often) 
  3. Reconnect to your feminine center and be able to channel this power toward greater fulfillment
  4. Be more aligned with your purpose in life as a woman.
  5. Know how to switch from your masculine back into your feminine, and vice versa as & when you need it.
  6. Enhance the polarity with your partner and reawaken the spark that may have gone missing.
  7. Know how to switch from masculine to feminine, you will be able to feel more connected with your divine feminine.

And much more!

I will teach your exercises and rituals for your daily life that will help you truly embody your feminine essence.

It’s time to unleash your feminine power!

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A complete workshop in which I share 13 Feminine Embodiment Practices PLUS "34 Submissive Feminine Practices "

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Feminine Embodiment Practices

I want this!