Spiritual Sex Mini-Course


This a mini-course that will help you understand better Spiritual-Sex. The difference between Tantra and Spiritual Sex. Some exercises to start practicing. Myths & misconceptions about Spiritual Sex. How to explore it. Safety Advice and Special considerations. Tantric Sex positions & practices to try. Benefits of Tantric Sex.

Tantric sex is a whole new way of being in sexual connection that allows you access to deeper levels of feeling, sensation, and energy, and ultimately more of who you really are.

This path is simple but profound: It's about wholeheartedly celebrating the sacredness of our bodies and desires while bringing a quality of mindful awareness to the shared expression of pleasure.

It can help you release shame, trauma, and blocks around sex, unleashing the transformative power of your erotic energy and leading you to some of the most soul-shattering orgasms ever.

Through this holistic approach, sensuality also becomes a doorway to beingness, to the divine, and to a more intimate experience of the present moment.

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Spiritual Sex Mini-Course